Welcome to Baseline Technologies Laboratory Ltd

A technology company that believes in the power of Technology Innovation to fight poverty & underdevelopment.

BTL is built on the philosophy that technology innovation in general, and software development in particular, provides a level playing field for SMEs and big enterprises. It helps the innovator reach a wide market at reasonable cost whilst providing its client base with powerful tools to better manage their businesses in a cost effective manner and with significant time savings.

Core Business Areas


Application Development in the areas of web and mobile solutions. We solve everyday problems with a touch of...

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At BTL, we make it our business to be abreast with the latest technology trends. We figure out what works and what doesn't.

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Through Corporate Buddy, we share our knowledge and expertise in the technology sector with corporate entities.

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Innovation is so pervasive in our world today and is within the reach of all age groups. With our Teenpreneurs programme, we inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in our kids early in life as they go through formal education.

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  • Why choose BTL
  • Mission
  • Vision

At BTL we,

      Place customers at the centre of products development.
      Are a team that invests our skills and passion in our solutions
      Believe in cost sharing and so we offer competitive pricing.
      View Research & Development as key to our success.
      Are Go-Givers as we spent time to study our target markets and craft solutions that offer the most value to our clients

BTL exist is to leverage technology innovation, in the areas of web and mobile applications, as a viable alternative for economic development and as a means to fighting poverty and underdevelopment in Africa.

To become the premier and preferred technology partner (mainly information technology) for businesses across Africa.

Our Software Solutions

BTL combines the convenience and portability of mobile devices, the processing power of web servers and the display capabilities of web browsers to deliver robust, scalable and responsive software solutions to its enterprise client base. We invest in the latest technologies to provide you with the best of solutions so you can focus on your core business.

Key Technology Stack

Enterprise Java (Servlet Technology, JSF, JBoss Server, ORM etc)
AJAX Technologies (e.g. JQuery)
RESTful Web Services
Css3 with HTML5 for Responsive User Interface
Enterprise Databases (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL etc)
We are also proficient in PHP and Ruby on Rails

Looking Ahead

We never stop questioning: we ask the 'ifs', the 'whys' and the 'hows' to know what works and what does not. We monitor the general direction of science & technology so we can provide you with solutions and services that meet industry standards.

Want the Most Flexible Terms for your Company's IT & Software Needs?

For startups or businesses in early stage of growth with limited budgets but in need of high quality software solutions.

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BTL is constantly searching for new and better ways of making processes simple, efficient and more productive. One of our flagship services is ZibbleSMP, a a robust platform that allows schools, parents/guardians and students to join hands in giving quality education to our kids the SMART way.

  • Comprehensive Fee Management

    Manage Fee payments, View Fee Defaulters and Send Email/SMS Reminders to Parent/Guardians

  • Students Results Analytics

    View students' academic perfomance in graphical form, term-to-term comparison of students and class results

  • Parent/Guardian & Students Portal

    Both parents and students can be granted access to view academic performance, fee payments, news and announcements

  •   Reports & Statistics

    Zibble converts your school data to information that can be relied upon by management for decision making.

Want to check out our School Management Platform?

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Baseline Technologies Laboratory has offered invaluable services to DPI in the areas of software solutions and development of our corporate website. DPI continues to partner with BTL in the delivery of services to its valuable clients.

Myles T. Ongoh / Co-Founder of DPI

BTL is offered CateGhana flexible pricing terms, and even free programs in some cases, through its CorpBuddy programme. We at CateGhana are very excited about the work of BTL and would work with them in the longer term.

When we got started in the financial sector, we needed some software tools to stay competitive but had a very slim budget. BTL offered us its Monitoring and Reporting Tool ( Trakeez ) and that helped turn our business around.

Great Web Solutions

We deploy on the cloud so you can access our applications anywhere in the world. If you wish to retool any of your on-premise solutions to run on the web, BTL is here to help you achieve just that.

Intuitive Mobile Solutions

Take your business or social app with you wherever you go. BTL carefully crafted mobile solutions turn you mobile device into productivity tool .

Innovation Corner

Trigger ideas: quickly experiment with our high tech tools and modern computer laboratory. Meet like minds.

Responsive Support

Want help with any of our applications? Get in touch with our customer service department. We operate 24/7 so put us to work.

Company Culture & Values

Want to break free from routine, statusquo & low morale at work? Come experience the BTL way of life. Set your mind to work.

Corporate Social Resp.

We work hard to make our mark. But we don't enjoy our success alone. We believe in giving back to society. Join us to give hope to the under-privileged in society.


Here is a list some of the projects BTL has been involved in, in recent times. You are welcome to browse through our portfolio and possibly join the fun.

Wants to do business with BTL? We are always at your service.

We invest considerable time and resources to craft our solutions, so you can smile!